Dog reunited with owner

After nearly six years a dog has finally been reunited with it’s family! Fern, the lost dog

On the 3rd of July 2019 a stray dog was brought to our Twyford branch by one of our caring clients. Our staff checked the dog for any microchips and spoke to Petlog (a service that holds information on micro-chipped pets) before finding out that the lovely Fern had been reported missing back in 2013.

Thankfully the owner had regularly updated her contact information and we were able to get in touch with her. She was delighted to hear the good news, that Fern had been found and was ready to be reunited with her owner.

Fern’s owner was totally overwhelmed and more than happy to travel the three hours to pick Fern up from our practice. Fern’s owner had been running a Facebook page with over 14,000 likes in six year search for Fern and we’re so glad that they’re now back together.

Our staff that helped Fern and her owner stayed at work for an extra two and a half hours to be a part of the reunion. They said it was an incredible experience and one that will stay with them for their entire career.

Fern’s owner would like to remind all pet owners of the importance of micro-chipping their pets, as without this her and Fern may have never found each other again. Fern’s owner has set up a petition to make it compulsory for vets to scan lost dogs to check for any microchips. You can view the petition here.

To find out more about micro-chipping your pet please contact your local practice.