Autumn hazards to be aware of

Here at Active Vetcare, we have compiled a list of autumn hazards that you should be aware of as a pet owner.

  • Fleas in winter: remember to collect and use your flea and worming treatment, even in the winter. Fleas can survive and breed in warm, heated homes.
  • Slugs: In the wet and damp weather, slugs are abundant. They can carry a deadly disease called Lungworm. Lungworm can be prevented by giving your dog Endectrid or Milbeworm monthly (this is included in the Healthy Pet Club).
  • Antifreeze: If antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) leaks or spills, a cat make lick this up but this can be fatal to them. Even a teaspoon of antifreeze is capable of killing a cat. Ensure you clean up any spills.
  • Fireworks: Autumn is the main time of the year for fireworks and many pets find them very distressing. It is best to keep your pets inside once it gets dark during fireworks season and you can try providing ‘safe’ quiet places for your pets at home, where they feel safe. Try to keep their minds off of the fireworks by playing with them or distracting them or just staying quiet but near them if they prefer. You can try giving them treats for staying calm or playing music to drown out the noise. If these methods don’t work, please speak to your vet or the reception team for products we sell that can help keep your pets calm.