Senior Well Pet Health Screen - from Finn Laboratory & CVS

When a veterinary surgeon carries out a physical examination of your animal, it does not always allow us to assess fully the condition of the internal organs. Age related illnesses often develop slowly and can be missed in the early stages. As humans, we are aware of the benefits of regular health checks for ourselves as we get older. Modern veterinary medicine means we can now offer these benefits for your pets.

Sometimes owners have noticed changes in their pets but assumed they were all part of growing old. Annual Senior Well Pet Health Screening blood tests (for patients over 7 years old) assist us to establish baseline values, enabling us to react to any changes before your pet becomes ill.

A simple, inexpensive Senior Well Pet Health Screen can show changes characteristic of conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney diease, anaemia etc. When you visit your vet, a history of lab reports that have been monitored over time can often provide vital clues to developing problems which can often be more effectively treated if detected at an early stage.

Special Offer:

A biochemistry profile with haematology, electrolytes and thyroid test would routinely cost over 120.

However, if this test is requested at the same time as your pet's vaccine boosters, then the charge will be only 70 (inc. VAT) for the Senior Well Pet Health Screen.