We can prescribe prescription only medication to animals under our care if they have been seen immediately before the prescription, or recently enough for the vet to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal.

In the case of wormers and flea treatment the animal must have been seen in the previous 12 months.

In the case of repeat prescriptions of medication for a stabilized condition the interval is typically 3 months and should not be greater than 6 months however please note that we can only dispense a maximum of 3 months medication at any time, regardless of the interval between checks.

During the early management of a condition the frequency of checks is dependant on the professional judgement of your veterinary surgeon. These guidelines have been created in the best interest of your petís welfare and it is to safeguard their health that we uphold them. Prescriptions are available from all our Active Vetcare practice's. You may obtain prescription only medicines from us or ask for a prescription and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy. A prescription may not be appropriate if our animal is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary.

Please note that in line with recent legislation, veterinary surgeons were obliged not to charge their clients for written prescriptons for a three year period, which ended on 31st October 2008. As a result, from 1st November 2008 all Active Vetcare surgeries will now charge for a written prescription (cost available on request to your local practice) and that the prescription will allow a maximum of 3 months medication only. Further information about this change can be found at the Consumer Direct website.

Order repeat prescriptions

If you are an existing registered customer, you can now request repeat prescriptions* and place food orders using our online service.

Simply click here to be taken to the request form.

* Please note that we will require 48 hours notice for repeat medications, so we recommend that you telephone the practice to check your medication has been prepared before collection.