Behavioural problems

Do you wish your pet was easier to live with? If so you are not alone!

Animals often seem to have very different ideas of how they should behave, than we do, and pet owners sometimes need a little guidance in order to understand why their pet is behaving inappropriately.

Sally Marshall BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour & Training, RVN (Veterinary Nurse) has been running behaviour clinics based at our Tilehust Veterinary Centre for some time, but has now expanded to offer training clinics and home visits for cats and dogs, as well as providing advice for some exotic species.

If you have an questions, or would like to arrange a consultation with Sally at Tilehurst, then please contact her at the Tilehurst Veterinary Centre on 0118 942 8240.

Alternatively, you can get more information from her website,