Neutering is usually carried out at around 6 months of age and basically prevents the animal from breeding.

The advantages of having males castrated are as follows:

  • May help to prevent wandering if there is a female in season in the area
  • Helps prevent prostate problems (e.g. infection, testicular tumours) in later life
  • Can help to calm the dog down

The advantages of having females speyed are as follows:

  • Prevents them from having unwanted puppies
  • Prevents them from developing pyometra in later life (a potentially fatal uterine infection)
  • Prevents them coming into season which can be messy
  • Can help prevent mammary cancer developing in later life if performed before the 1st season

Traditionally bitches are speyed after the 1st season, it is now recommended that this is carried out at six months, i.e. before the 1st season.