Contact us - Emergency Information

In an emergency, contact your local Active Vetcare practice - the telephone numbers can be found in the "Practices" section above. During normal working hours, your call will be dealt with by our staff.

After normal working hours, your call will be forwarded to our emergency service. Further information about this service can be found below.

Who is our emergency service?

For all Reading practices, our emergency service is operated internally by MiNightVet Nine Mile in Wokingham.

For all other practices, our emegency service is operated internally by MiNightVet Summerleaze in Maidenhead.

What do I do if my pet needs to see a vet outside working hours?

Using our service is simple. Always telephone your usual veterinary practice. Our team will be there to provide help and advise for your pet, and see you at our local clinic if required.

If you do need to come down to the clinic, please bring any medication that your pet is taking with you.

Isn't it better to see my usual vet?

Our MiNighVet practices are staffed by a combination of dedicated emergency vets and staff from our Active Vetcare and Nine Mile practices. Vets can't possibly be available 24 hours, however in partnership with our internal service at MiNightVet Nine Mile and MiNightVet Summerleaze we can ensure you pet sees a fresh vet whenever they need to.

Can I telephone just for advice?

Of course you can. Our staff are able to give advice over the phone they will tell you if they think it's safe for your pet to wait until the morning to see a vet.

Where is the clinic, can I just turn up?

If you do need to come into the clinic our staff can help you with directions. Always call the emergency clinic before coming down as our staff may need to prepare for your arrival.

All Reading Practices:

MiNightVet Nine Mile
c/o Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital
177 Nine Mile Ride
Finchampstead RG40 4JD
0118 9733466

All other practices:

MiNightVet Summerleaze
c/o Summerleeze Veterinary Hospital
Summerleeze Road
Maidenhead SL6 8EW
01628 628121

Can the Vet come to my house?

House visits are occasionally necessary but in nearly all situations the best possible care for your pet is available at the clinic. Bringing your pet to the clinic will give us immediate access to the range of drugs and equipment required and ensures no delay to commencing treatment. The staff will be able to advise you on the safe transport of your pet to the clinic.

How do I pay for the service?

As is usually the case with your normal vet, payment should be made at the time. If your pet is insured then this may cover the costs.