Practice Standards

This practice has been inspected and approved to the BSAVA Practice Standard.

BSAVA Practice Standards Scheme is aimed at encouraging high standards of service, facilities and safety in practice.

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) is the professional body that represents 5,500 veterinary surgeons in the UK who look after our pets. It is world renowned for its excellence.

To achieve the BSAVA Standard, practices must apply to the Association, complete a detailed questionnaire confirming that it meets the requirements and is then thoroughly inspected by an independent trained veterinary surgeon. Inspectors visit the practice with a detailed and strict set of guidelines to cover all aspects of small animal practice. These include:-

  • 24-hour service - although all veterinary practices must by law provide 24-hour cover, checks are made to ensure adequate staffing levels for out of hours emergencies.
  • qualifications and continuing education of staff - all staff, from receptionists to part-timers, must receive adequate training and instruction. Veterinary surgeons and nurses must also continually undertake further training to keep their skills up to date in the rapidly advancing world of veterinary medicine.
  • clean, hygienic and secure premises - practices are required to provide premises where owners and animals feel comfortable and secure, with good levels of hygiene.
  • efficient and accurate patient records - case histories must be easily retrievable, up to date and confidential.
  • diagnostic equipment including X-rays - equipment must be set up, operated and maintained to strict guidelines to ensure the safety of both staff and animals, and allow proficient diagnosis.
  • laboratory facilities - quality controlled for accurate results of tests.
  • hospitalisation and nursing care - secure facilities for in-patients with adequate nursing care and minimal risk of infection.
  • surgical facilities - including an operating theatre available at all times, anaesthetic equipment that is safe for both staff and animals and suitable for all the species treated, and effective sterilisation of instruments and equipment.
  • safe storage and dispensing of medicines - including well rotated stock, stored correctly and dispensed fully labelled with suitable instructions to the pet owner.
  • full compliance with health and safety regulations - for the protection of owners, their animals, the staff and all visitors to the premises, the practice must comply with the government's comprehensive health and safety legislation, including a regular review of all practice activities.

From the practice point of view, being to BSAVA Standard brings advantages which, ultimately, benefit you and your pets. It encourages and supports us all in our continual endeavour to be a "good veterinary practice" that cares for its staff, clients and pets. It is also a kitemark for veterinary practice: the scheme is constantly reviewed and updated, and is highly regarded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the Health and Safety Executive and consumer associations.

We are proud to be inspected and approved to BSAVA Practice Standards.